So last night was the kick-off for this year’s Boca Ballroom Battle at M.EA.T Eatery & Taproom at Cendyn, hosted by Charles and Robin Deyo. This is the evening that sponsors and former dancers and this year’s dancers all meet and mingle, undoubtedly sharing war stories from years past, encouraging the new class of 2015 to forge on, practice, and have fun.

It’s the night that the upcoming Boca Ballroom Battle on Friday, August 28, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. becomes real for the dancers. In a little over two months they will be swirling and twirling and dazzling a crowd of 700 or 800 of us at the Resort as we crowd into the best party of the summer, and cheer on our favorites. That’s one more reason to love summer—at least for me—as I remember my year dancing. How scared I was, and how much fun it was at the same time. My dancing shoes may be tucked away now at the top of my closet, but sometimes I think I hear them talking to me, telling me to straighten up, point that toe, lift that chin and let the music do the rest.

My shoes might be telling me how to dance, but they have no idea how important the dancing really is, and how much it benefits underserved kids who dream of going to college—despite what may seem like insurmountable odds. Last year, the Boca Ballroom Battle raised $224,000. Last year, The George Snow Scholarship Fund clocked in at $637,000 and sent 84 kids to college.

I hear almost all the sponsorships are gone, and the tables will be next—get yours now by calling 561/347-6799 or visit

And onward, you brave 2015 dancers (listed below)! We are cheering you on!

Brian Altschuler, Executive Director of Human Resources, Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Peg Anderson Greenspon, volunteer extraordinaire

Elias Janetis, founder, MobileHelp

Frank McKinney, real estate developer and bestselling author

Holly Meehan, photographer, volunteer

Chris Nichols, Founder and CEO, Nichols Wealth Partners

Donna Parlapiano, Senior Vice President, Franchise Operations & Corporate Real Estate, AutoNation, Inc.

Wendy Sadusky, designing housewife