In The Magazine: Feel Good—Yoga Nidra


Yoga Nidra

What happens when you take yoga to the next level, into a sort of a waking meditative sleep? You have yoga nidra, the latest craze in relaxation. Julie Murphy, a Gulf Stream resident and yoga instructor at Simply Yoga in Delray Beach, describes yoga nidra as “not quite meditation, and yet it brings you to a meditative state and prepares the subconscious mind to receive your positive messages.”

According to Murphy, the conscious mind tends to analyze and apply logic and judgment to statements it receives. But the subconscious mind, when it’s taken through the yoga nidra stages, is prepared to receive a positive, life-affirming statement about what you would like more of in areas such as relationships, health and well-being. “The subconscious mind doesn’t argue with what you say; it accepts your affirmation as truth,” Murphy says. “So these statements are said in the present tense, such as, ‘I am happy and healthy, in body, mind and spirit,’ rather than, ‘I would like to be …’”

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