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Man Power 2024: James “Jim” Devericks 

Founder, Chairman and CEO 
SuperCloud International, Inc. 

A dynamic entrepreneur and a visionary industry pioneer, SuperCloud International’s James “Jim” Devericks has combined his progressive vision for technology with his passion for consumer entertainment to create and launch UMAXX.TV, the world’s first 5G TV service in the United States. 

UMAXX.TV is the result of more than 17 years of research and development. This premium technology provides customers with faster, stronger 5G TV and 5G home internet service, along with the highest level of military-grade security and privacy. Furthermore, UMAXX.TV never tracks or sells its customers’ personal information, while protecting them from cyber threats. 

Devericks states, “Our CloudCable Platform offers the best of streaming, traditional cable TV and IPTV, driven by the advancement of the cloud. Our cutting-edge, blazing-fast 5G technology allows us to deliver a superior entertainment experience featuring high-quality streaming, vivid visuals and crisp audio, for optimal immersive viewing.” 

Best of all, there is no dish, no satellite, and no holes in the wall with UMAXX.TV. Customers can enjoy a short plug-and-play setup, thanks to advanced wireless technology. Depending on their needs, customers may select the package for the 5G internet and the 5G TV service that suits them best. UMAXX.TV offers more than 350 premium TV channels, more than 150 foreign-language TV channels, more than 150 ad-supported FAST TV channels, and an array of pay-per-view events. 

In addition to expanding UMAXX.TV throughout the United States, Devericks is in the final phase of development for a revolutionary green energy technology. This is no surprise to the man who launched the world’s first live mobile TV service, in the United States, in 2016. 

SuperCloud International, Inc. 
401 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 130-152, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 

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