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New Parent Essentials

When you’re a first time parent, the amount of information available to you and your partner can be absolutely overwhelming. From baby gear to birthing methods to breastfeeding and maternity leave, countless factors must be considered and decisions made before baby makes his or her appearance!

Luckily, we live in a place where there are local experts available to make recommendations and answer your parenting questions quickly and accurately. Having done the ‘new parent thing’ myself only two years ago, I collaborated with local concierge pediatrician (of course Boca has a concierge pediatrician), Dr. Chad Rudnick of Boca VIPediatrics, to come up with our Top 5 New Parent Essentials.

1.    Car Seat Installation/Safety Check

Did you know that 96% of car seats are installed improperly? Fear not new parents and parents-to-be! A Palm Beach Fire Rescue-certified car seat technician will install your car seat FREE of charge. This is an amazing service, whether you’re approaching your due date, upgrading to a convertible car seat or simply want to be sure that your existing car seat is installed properly.

This service is by appointment only and dates book up fast! Call 561/616-7033 or click here for more information.

2.    Oto Home iPhone Attachment

One of the most common reasons for a trip to the pediatrician’s office in the first few years of a child’s life is for an ear infection. This app and camera attachment for the iPhone allows parents to record and send secure video of the inner ear directly to their pediatrician for diagnosis and treatment. Anytime. Anywhere. It even made its private practice debut right here in Boca Raton, where it’s available only to patients of Dr. Rudnick’s.


Is your company one of the many nationwide offering little or no maternity leave? Then sign up for a FREE account on My Baby Bond, the only crowdfunding website to support paid family leave. How does it work? On, people are invited to contribute to a personal BabyBond (in lieu of or in addition to a traditional registry), raising funds to cover maternity or paternity leave for a specific set of expectant parents. Supporters decide how much time to gift and then the dollar amount is calculated for that time. Fundraisers simply sign up for a credit card processing account and watch their BabyBond grow along with their baby through the magic of crowd funding!

4.    Travel High Chair

With Boca’s incredible variety of outdoor restaurants and cultural events, our town is the envy of every new parent who wants to get their baby out of the house for some fresh air. While it’s best to avoid crowded spots when your baby is still teeny-tiny, Dr. Rudnick recommends using a travel high chair once baby is able to sit up for a period of time on his/her own. This lightweight travel highchair fits perfectly attached to any table or booth and you’ll never have to worry about the germs on a communal high chair. You can also keep baby closer to you at the table (or on the inside of a booth) to prevent any spills. Enjoy being out-and-about in germ-free style and get ready for the inevitable “Where’d you get that thing?” from other Boca parents and grandparents!

5.    NoseFrida

Since babies and young children cannot blow their noses on their own, we must do it for them. Babies happen to be nose breathers, and they have a much more difficult time with a stuffy nose. They often won’t eat or sleep well unless you remove the mucus. Introducing: the NoseFrida snot-sucker! We’re guessing that this is probably the first time that the term “snot sucker” has appeared on, but don’t worry—it’s not as gross as it sounds/looks. The blue tip goes inside each of your baby’s nostrils and then you use the red mouthpiece to suction out all the yucky-ness. FEAR NOT: the snot does not go into your mouth! There is a filter that prevents this from happening and you just wash the blue tube with soap and water after each use. This is a must-have product that leads to a great big breath of (Boca Raton) fresh air for your child!


Congratulations and welcome to the club new parents!


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