Thursday, October 21, 2021

Post-COVID Style Is All About Embracing Your “At the Moment” Mood

A few weeks ago, when I decided to write on the topic of post-COVID style, I had no idea that we would soon be in the midst of another unsettling phase of the pandemic. In my world, social gatherings were back in full swing and upcoming events suddenly filled up my calendar at a rapid pace. This buzzing of activity with places to go and a renewed desire to dress up had me reflecting on how personal style has changed over the past 18 months. Fast forward to early August, as I write this post as the new Style Contributor for Boca magazine, and I can’t help but wonder if my timing is slightly off. 

On second thought, as the eternal optimist and fashion enthusiast that I am, this is indeed a timely topic of conversation–because the pandemic has re-calibrated our priorities and affected each of us in more ways than one. To get to the bottom of how fashion and style are different after 18 months of COVID, I spoke to a few of my best-dressed friends, starting with Arina Feeney (@arinafeeney), who agrees that she “Doesn’t know a single person whose style hasn’t changed over the past year. I definitely don’t take anything for granted anymore.”

For many, comfort took precedence. Cynthia Griner (@palmbeachmommyof5) found herself gravitating towards loungewear on a daily basis, even collaborating with online pajama and lounge brands. For Julie Ferrer (@daily.jule), her go-to outfits became her husband’s T-shirts and Lululemon yoga pants, but she missed dressing up. This desire to combine high fashion and comfort turned into a new entrepreneurial endeavor for Julie, who launched her very own loungewear brand called “Love, Bomshel.” Ashley Caruso Perez (@styleashinboca) experienced a similar shift towards ease, saying “I think my style changed because I now tend to gravitate towards more comfortable laid back pieces. I’ve never put so much thought into my pajama sets!”

But don’t worry–getting dolled up is not a thing of the past, as evidenced by these 4 stylish women. Accessories, especially, are hotter than ever right now.

Cynthia loves to glam it up, but even her non-lounge looks exude comfort, courtesy of day dresses that are expertly accessorized.

Ashley can also be found wearing long flowing dresses paired with designer earrings, trends I myself often opt for.

As for Arina, she underwent a “180 degree transition from a minimalistic, monochromatic wardrobe to just wanting more of everything–more colors, more patterns and prints, and more unique accessories.”

When Julie is not at home, her feminine style has turned more simplistic, but with a touch of “extra.”

After months of uncertainty and adjusting to our “new normal,” fashion has remained an outlet for self-expression. As Cynthia says, “Fashion is a channel to express your ‘at the moment’ mood.” And, in Julie’s words, it tells the world “This is how I’m feeling today.” 

In a way, fashion has been a coping mechanism. It has provided us with a sense of comfort, something that we can still control while much is still up in the air. If one thing is for sure, it’s that years from now, we will look back at the myriad of style trends that transpired because of these times only to realize that the best accessory of all was the confidence that this too shall pass.

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