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S.F. Science Center Hosts Healing Music, Meditation Experience

Kathleen Haden spends her day job pickin’ up good vibrations—and passing them onto her clients through a patented combination of music and guided meditation to foster healing and general wellness.

“Music is what calms our soul,” says Haden, a sound therapist in Ocean Ridge, who founded Good Vibrations Music Co. with her husband, composer John Anthony, in 2016. “You can have the worst day of your life, and turn on your favorite music, and within minutes calm down.”

This is particularly true of the music in which Good Vibrations specializes—a trademarked new genre Haden calls Frequency-Infused Music (FIM), which uses binaural beats to usher listeners from alpha to theta states in a short amount of time. This Saturday night, up to 70 attendees can experience FIM live in the cosmic confines of the South Florida Science Center’s Dekelbaum Planetarium, in an immersive program called “Music, Meditation and Mind Expansion.”

The concert will feature Anthony’s compositions performed by Debra Kelly, who plays singing bowls and the gong; and Petro Bass, who performs on didgeridoo and drums. The sounds will be accompanied by the aroma of essential oils and by Haden’s guided meditation, which, she says, “will bring Earth energy all the way through your chakra system, to go into a deeper dimension. The frequencies are for mind expansion, so that it’s a little bit easier to meditate. It’s often hard for people to meditate and put off their mind; What we want to give our audience is a way to go into a meditation using powerful music and frequencies.”

In this case, the frequencies, whose healing properties are becoming increasingly verified by scientific research, are engineered specifically for stress reduction. “Stress is our No. 1 problem; it leads to chronic disease and dysfunction in our bodies,” Haden says. “If we can de-stress someone, we feel like that healing process can begin.”

Kathleen Haden

Significantly, the compositions will feature instruments tuned to 432 Hz, a form of musical tuning that is said to align with the planet’s vibration, a concept that stretches back to Pythagoras. “We base everything on sacred geometry,” Haden says. “When you measure any geometric shape in our world today, it adds up to three, six or nine. Back in the ‘30s, everything used to be in 432, [whose individual numbers] add up to nine. That’s a direct connection to the universe. When you’re directly in connection to the universe, everything realigns. Everything’s in harmony.”

This is in contrast to the traditional 440 Hz, which has become the dominant tuning resonance in popular music. Whether the listener consciously picks up on this shift depends on his or her own sensitivity: “Depending on where you are in your journey, you will recognize it,” Haden says.

She adds that the Planetarium is an ideal location for her work, because the acoustics are impeccable, the seats recline and the audience capacity is intimate. Moreover, it allows for a feast for the eyes as well as the ears and the mind: The domed venue will feature visions of stars, sunsets and more, all color-coordinated with the music.

“The reason we’re starting to do these series is to affect more people,” Haden says. “It’s easy to do one-on-one, but we’re being told this needs to get out to the world. It needs to affect a lot of people. We need to raise our consciousness, our light, our vibration—for our planet and for ourselves.”

“Music, Meditation and Mind Expansion” runs 6:30 to 8 p.m. Saturday at South Florida Science Center & Aquarium, 4801 Dreher Trail N., West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $30. For tickets and information, call 561/832-1988 or visit For more on Good Vibrations Music Co., including a free download of its “Safe & Sound for Love and Protection” composition, visit

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