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South Florida’s Medical Experts 2022: David J. Pincus, MD, FACS

Pincus Plastic Surgery
875 Meadows Road, Suite 3130, Boca Raton 

Plastic Surgery

A ward-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Pincus is experienced in all types of cosmetic procedures,and a seasoned expert in breast and body procedures including breast augmentation and revision, breast reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift and facial surgery. Dr. Pincus brings innovation and tradition to his practice alongside compassionate patient care. From a thriving New York practice to Boca Raton, at Pincus Plastic Surgery (PPS), he brings his expertise honed from 18 years of training in Miami, Boston and Paris to provide patients with extraordinary cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. 

Q. What kind of results do you seek for your patients? 

A. I do not believe in a mold or ide al of the human shape. My objective is to empower patients by helping them achieve their individual concept of beauty and confidence. At Pincus Plastic Surgery, each procedure is always catered to the patient’s desired aesthetic. 

Q. What procedures are popular with your male patients? 

A. Where I make the most impact on quality of life for men is after a gynecomastia. So many of my pa tients have told me they are more confident and are no longer limited in their activities, especially in Florida, where the gym, pool and beach are often a part of everyday life. 

Q. What makes your practice unique? 

A. The fact that I am the only sur geon under the umbrella of Pincus Plastic Surgery. That I see all of my operative patients, from consultation to pre-operative to post-operative and follow-up appointments, is key to my craft and success, and is not widely seen in the plastic surgery industry anymore. 

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