Thursday, December 1, 2022

Staff Pick: Our Favorite Local Craft Beers

With so many options popping up in our area, choosing a brewery to enjoy on a Friday night could be a daunting task. Home brewers and entrepreneurs are investing in their dreams and opening breweries all over Palm Beach County, which expands our drinking knowledge and practice tremendously—so many new beers to try! Our staff (the one’s who drink beer, anyways) have chosen their favorite beers from around the county, to give you some guidance on your next outing.

The beer: The Floridian

Brewery: Funky Buddha

Why: It’s rich but it’s still on the lighter side of beers. I enjoy it with an orange slice in it, too—it gives it a nice little twist.

Who: Julia Jendruczek, events manager

The beer: The Floridian

Brewery: Funky Buddha

Why: Crisp and somewhat light but still filled with flavor! And, who doesn’t love the name?!

Who: Lori Gieseking, director of sales


The beer: Sea Cow Stout

Brewery: Saltwater Brewery

Why: It has a nice businesslike Guinness edge but with a breeze off the beach.

Who: Marie Speed, editor-in-chief


The beer: One Love IPA

Brewery: Copperpoint Brewery

Why: This is such a classic, lovely IPA with the perfect amount of citrus and piney notes. I visited a farm in Washington that grows the Cascade hops in this beer, so every time I sip it, I remember the intense sunset crowning the mountains off to the west on a hazy evening in central Washington.

Who: Shayna Tanen, web editor

The beer: B. Rabbit Espresso Cream Stout

Brewery: Copperpoint Brewery

Why: I love a good stout with coffee and chocolate flavors, depth and creaminess. The B. Rabbit (flavored with locally owned Rabbit Coffee) checks all the boxes and then some: it’s nitrogen infused, which means it takes a bit longer to settle. It’s  totally worth the wait.  

Who: Allison Lewis, associate editor


The beer: Three Fates

Brewery: Barrel of Monks Brewery

Why: Specializing in Belgian inspired brews, Barrel of Monks brewery is quite conveniently located just a few blocks away from our office. Whenever I get a craving for a nice, crisp frothy beer, I’ll pop in for a flight, which usually alternates between seasonal offerings. Luckily, it appears that my favorite (Three Fates) is on tap year round, as well as available in 750ml bottles to take home. This golden-colored Tripel has a white frothy head, hints of caramel and spicy undertones —the perfect remedy for a busy day in the office!

Who: Mandy Wynne, production manager

Shayna Tanen
Shayna Tanen
Shayna is the Web Editor of Boca Magazine. She is a 20-something sorta-recent graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. Most of her time is spent fawning over cats and kittens; cooking food at home for her family; and observing Florida's greatest asset: nature.

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