Friday, December 1, 2023

The 561 Face of The Upscale Cigar Lounge Experience 

Ronnie & Debralyn Belletieri, Owners 
Strikes Cigar Lounge 

Ronnie Belletieri had been in the bowling business for years. After his lease expired and COVID emptied his bowling center (also named Strikes), he decided it was time to retire. His plans soon went up in smoke when his wife and business partner, Debralyn, convinced him that he needed to find something else to do. 

In August, 2021 Ronnie bought a local cigar lounge he had frequented for years and turned it into the ultimate sophisticated retreat for fine cigars, spirits and friends. Paying homage to his former business, he named it Strikes Cigar Lounge, located in Royal Palm Place. 

“We just completed more renovations, bought new furniture, and continue to make Strikes an upscale lounge where cigar smokers and non-smokers frequent daily; they feel right at home here,” he says. “We have plenty of patio seating for those who enjoy the outdoor experience.” 

Open 365 days a year, Strikes has become a haven for cigar aficionados and newbies alike. With more than 2,000 cigars nestled in the humidor, and wine, beer, and spirits as the perfect accompaniment, it’s a simple recipe for pleasure. There is live music on the weekend, and in the late hours you will find the lounge brimming with clients and fragrant billows of smoke. 

Ladies Night is on Wednesdays, and often there are pairing events sponsored by a local cigar maker who shares their suggestions with the loyal following. 

“Please come and visit us at 514 Via de Palmas in Boca Raton,” says Debralyn. 


This sponsored content is from the November/December 2023 issue of Boca magazineFor more from this year’s 561 Faces special section, click here.

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