Thursday, October 21, 2021

The Face of Indoor/Outdoor Harmonious Design

JASON ALEXANDER, J. Alexander Interiors

As people are redirecting and connecting to their homes, comfort is calling from the inside out. Interior designer Jason Alexander utilizes his five-step approach with each client, starting with a consultation; exploring inspiration; working on design development; procuring the selections and the actual design creation, to find the harmony in every space.

“We don’t have a “look” that defines South Florida style. Every neighborhood is lined with diverse styles. The common thread that I bring to every project is to make the home more inviting, livable, functional and warm. My high-end clients are not looking for a showplace anymore cluttered with furnishings and accessories. They are looking to achieve a seamless flow of energy that transcends from the interior to the exterior,” he says.

That is where Jason’s decades of expertise and unique creativity come into play, creating a backyard feeling where there once was only a slab of cement, using furniture, rugs, plants and water features for the tranquil vibe people now crave, more than ever. “Living walls, and earth and air are nature’s elements that I use to bring a sense of harmony throughout the home,” Jason explains.

His ideas inspired other designers and architects to tap into his recent 10-week Q&A design series featured Friday mornings on Podcast Business News Network. From overcoming design obstacles, paint color choices and out-of-the-box and into the outdoors tips, Jason has become an inspiration and trusted source for clients and colleagues alike.

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