Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Face of Landscape Architecture

MICHAEL FLAUGH, Landscape Architect, P.L.

After majoring in Landscape Architecture at the University of Florida, Mike Flaugh turned his passion into his profession, building his 32-year career literally from the ground up.

“The landscape design process is different than you may think. We don’t decorate. Decorating is not sustainable, not necessarily value driven or responsive to the home or the land. Clients make substantial investments to increase the home value and improve the property. It is critical that we take that seriously,” Mike explains.

He summarizes the process in three steps, with the first being the obvious (and most enjoyable) one that drives him: the creative end. “We are going to bring something with a sense of aesthetic that is exciting and beautiful, so when you look at the finished design, it will feel very put together and it will make sense,” he says.

Next, Mike emphatically states that any form of construction requires a plan, especially your landscape. “We provide very accurate, complete construction documents to assure clarity and avoid misunderstood expectations and conflict so there are no surprises for either side.”

Last is the bid procurement process. From a professional line item proposal delivered to the owner with three bids by qualified contractors with impeccable track records, Mike guarantees clients will rave about their choice, the value and their beautiful outdoor spaces.

“My amazing team in my small boutique firm does an enormous amount of work creating ambience, impact and an exceptional experience outside the home. We are little fish making a lot of big waves,” says Mike.

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