Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Face of Stunning Design Sophistication

JEANETTE HUBLEY-LASHER, Associate ASID, Principal Hubley Design Interiors

Creating interiors in New York and throughout Southeast Florida, Jeanette Hubley-Lasher embraces her craft with a modern sensibility by using traditional elements and classical motifs, infusing them with a modern aesthetic resulting in sophisticated, timeless, unique environments.

Her passion for fashion and art are reflected in her diverse range of projects from homes, condos, lofts, casual weekend retreats, and residential building lobbies.

She believes each design tells a unique story. “I thrive on developing that story with my clients’ personalities and tastes, with each space presenting the perfect combination of lighting, color, form and authenticity,” she says.

“I transfer my passion and vision for detail and beauty into people’s homes with a hands-on approach to every project. I am always sourcing unique furniture, fabulous accessories, works of art from fine to funky, and all things home to create the finished look that makes a stunning statement. As a result of my commitment, my design work has expanded the quality of my life and for that, I am grateful,” says Jeanette.

With the many challenges the past year presented for her extensive travel schedule, Jeanette sheltered at her Boca Raton design studio. Exceedingly common projects became transforming outdoor spaces as the quintessential extension of the home, creating a newfound ambience of reflection, recreation and relaxation.

Jeanette anxiously awaits resuming her worldly exploration personally selecting artisan pieces to enhance her designs, from the souks in Marrakesh, the markets in Istanbul Paris flea markets and shops and villages in southeast Asia to name a few adventures.

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