Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Face of Thoughtful Interior Design

DAWN CAUSA, Causa Design Group

High-end luxury interior designer Dawn Causa has been “designing the art you live in” since 1986. She considers herself an artist and an interior designer—a curator for the home.

“I start with a blank canvas and pull inspiration from the homeowner and the surrounding environment. There is so much beauty in Florida from our million-dollar ocean views, lush golf courses and tropical landscapes,” Dawn explains.

“Then there’s my design role, where I interpret my clients’ desires and transform their homes, creating a beautiful, modern style that embodies elegance, functionality and harmony. A lot of focus is given to what I call ‘thoughtful design,’ as each client’s lifestyle is different. In some cases, that requires me to consider things like environmental sensitivities, medical equipment, mobility and handicap accessibility.

“There’s an intimate side to this profession. By developing close relationships with my clients it makes it easier to help with very personal needs. I’ve worked with a paraplegic client, people with neuropathy, and some so sensitive to their surroundings that special mortars, glues, grouts and paints are used.

“What it all comes down to is that I truly care about people,” she reflects. “I’m fortunate to be spreading joy through design. It’s a pretty amazing job having the chance to impact people’s lives in such an artistic and meaningful way.”

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