Top 10 Boca Magazine Features of 2019


Yesterday, we highlighted our favorite blogs of 2019. Today, we’re focusing on features from the print edition of Boca magazine. The following 10 stories were some of our favorites from this year’s issues, and they’re presented here in chronological order.

Of Human Bondage

The nasty secret of human trafficking in South Florida is out—and in this feature from January of 2019, we shared one woman’s eye-opening story, and what local lawmakers are doing to combat the issue.

Seminole Power

Gambling interests are key to the growing influence of this legendary Florida tribe, and we explored the power behind the Seminole Tribe of Florida, its reservations, and the casinos that operate on them.

Florida Cowboy

florida cowboy
Photo by Jerry Rabinowitz

Wes Williamson is the owner of the Williamson Cattle Company, a sprawling cattle ranch six miles north of Okeechobee that his grandfather started in the 1940s when he managed to buy up thousands of acres from the government that had been used for shared cattle grazing. Williamson shared what it’s like to operate a ranch that’s only an hour removed from Boca Raton.

Rattle & Hum

(Photo courtesy Rocky Mountaineer)

Our favorite Boca magazine travel piece of 2019 tells the story of a journey along the Canadian Pacific Railway. There’s no better example of an envy-inducing travel story than this feature on the Rocky Mountains, which explores the wildlife and snowy peaks of the Canadian Rockies from the vantage of a luxury train.

Crazy Rich Boca

Singapore has nothing on us. Boca Raton has long been known for its affluence—and sometimes, its over-the-top displays of wealth. This feature shows just some of the ways the super-rich can—and sometimes do—live in our fair city.

Best of Boca 2019

july august 2019

It’s no secret that Boca magazine is the foremost authority on the best of Boca– in fact, it’s been one of our claims to fame for the last 30 years! Our annual Best of Boca lists are a must-read for locals, and this year’s edition was no different. Three of this year’s selections are listed below, but the rest are only available in the print edition.

Made in Florida

The Sunshine State is a cultural force in America, and in a tribute to our proud eccentricity, we put together a collection of just a few of the things that have been invented here in Florida.

Hear Them Roar

Cori “Coco” Gauff in 2017 (Photo by Aaron Bristol)

This story in five parts featured Five young South Florida women who are shaking up sports locally and nationally— and even toppling the giants in their fields.

Making Prehistory with Robert de Palma

There are no bones about it– this was our favorite Boca interview of the year. Paleontologist and FAU professor Robert De Palma takes you inside the world of digging for fossils and shares evidence of the day the dinosaurs died—and how it connects to homo sapiens.

Rio, Grand: An Oral History of Boca Raton’s Most Discreet and Coveted Private Golf Club

This story brings the reader inside one of the world’s most exclusive golf clubs and features unbelievable stories from insiders who have been there since the beginning. With the club’s first-ever major golf event quickly approaching, there’s no better time (or way) to learn about Boca Rio.

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