Get Your Pour at Veza Sur in Miami for Equal Pay Day

It’s Equal Pay Day, and a Miami business has found a unique way to spread awareness of pay inequity—beer.

When Veza Sur opens its doors today at noon, all women who order the brewery’s new La Picante beer will get a full pint, while men will have their glass filled only 80 percent.

This is symbolic of the statistic that women, on average, make 80 percent of what their male colleagues earn in the same position.

“We just really wanted to start a conversation and engage consumers,” says Thais Venturini, Veza Sur’s events and programming manager. “A lot of people don’t think this is a problem. Sometimes, we can live in a bubble and not realize this is reality.”

La Picante was created by “the chicas of Veza Sur”—they brainstormed flavor profiles and names, then worked with the head brewer to make it a reality. They were a part of the brewing process as well. The end result is a Key Lime Jalapeño Gose, making its debut today.

The first 100 customers who order the drink will get a special glass reading “Mind the [Beer] Gap.” The glass was also designed by the chicas, using a 16-ounce pint in the shape of a can, then wrapped in a design with the brewery’s signature floral and a Latina Rosie the Riveter, fit with tattoos matching the head bartender’s own.

“Rosie the Riveter is iconic, a staple of women hard at work,” Venturini says.

In the United States, Equal Pay Day is recognized on April 2—representative of the time women must work into the new year to make the same as their male colleagues the previous year.

“It’s such a simple ask to pay the same for the same work, and I think that’s why we really wanted to embrace it,” says Max-Antonio Burger, the co-founder and general manager of Veza Sur.

“The concept i s very simple, everybody intuitively would agree with it, but in the execution when nobody’s looking, because those decisions are made behind closed doors, that’s when the rubber hits the road.”

Veza Sur, 55 NW 25th St., Miami; 786/362-6300;