Thursday, December 7, 2023

Web Extra: Back To School

In our September/October issue, we interviewed three budding fashion students on fall trends. Now check out a behind the scenes video from our photo shoot, and more answers from our young experts.

Our experts: Gabrielle Cohen, 21 Major: Fashion Merchandising Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs

Narishdath Maraj, 20, Major: Fashion Design Favorite Designer: John Galliano

Dalya Vidal, 27 Major: Fashion Design Favorite designer: Alexander McQueen

What trends are you looking forward to this fall/season?

COHEN: I’m looking forward to high-waisted bell bottoms…and also blouses that have ruffles on them, but I’m really excited for high-waisted bottoms, the hippie-ish aspect of autumn.

MARAJ: Trends I’m looking forward to this fall– definitely trends in menswear’s accessories.

VIDAL: The retro look is coming back, starting in 2012. It’s really fun to be wearing cute little baby doll dresses.

What do you wish you knew three years ago regarding style?

COHEN: I think I should have known what fit my body better. I’m 5’1”, maybe a little bit taller but just pushing it. I would wear skinny jeans and full tops, but I don’t really think that suited my body. I don’t really think it made me look as lean as my body could look. After three years of being in school, I think I learned what kind of silhouettes are better for certain bodies.

MARAJ: You can create your own style. You don’t have to follow every single look you see on the runway, or every single trend, but you can incorporate them into your personal style. For example, I am a very laid back T-shirt and jeans kind of guy, I think that’s why I invest in those v-neck, white T-shirts and just [dye or] add color. I can just keep the same style that I have, with just a pop of color.

VIDAL: Basically, having and investing in those classic pieces. Being creative. I like showing my personality off with the clothes I wear. I would just buy whatever was out, but I couldn’t wear the same shirt like a month later because it was ‘out’ of style. I definitely wish somebody would have given me some advice to just buy some classic pieces. Spend a little bit of money. You can always play around with cheaper T-shirts and shoes.

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