Monday, September 25, 2023

September/October Issue

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Web Extras

Each month we select some stories from the print magazine and expand upon them, exclusively for your eyes, on Here’s what we chose as your web extras this month:


Behind the Scenes

In our fall issue, we profiled men who adopted their pups from Tri-County Animal Rescue. Watch our behind-the-scenes video to watch us corral their furry friends for the photo shoot!


Deconstructing the Dish

When we’re itching for that warm and fuzzy feeling that fall brings, we head to Dada in Delray Beach for Chef Bruce Feingold’s menu mainstay, the butternut squash ravioli. Learn how to make it at home!


Teacher’s Letter

The day after the shooting, teacher Kelly Guthrie Raley took to Facebook and wrote a post about the environment that has lent to school shootings—it went viral, being shared more than 700,000 times. Here’s what she had to say.

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